Bring Upside To Your Church

Bring UPSIDE to Your Church

After seeing Upside, Atlanta-area youth pastor (and Casting Crowns' lead vocalist) Mark Hall said:

"UPSIDE is an inspiring film about faith and love that challenges us all to follow the unique path God has for us."

This film can make an impact on the students in your ministry. Writer/director Ken Horstmann's faith became real during his late teen years, and his storytelling challenges youth to live lives that have meaning, direction, and purpose.

UPSIDE will make a great event at your church, both for your students and their friends outside the church. Because DVDs are not licensed for public group showings, you can order a Movie Event site license for Upside through Outreach. They can also provide all of the Movie Event resources and materials you need to build interest and make a long-lasting impact!

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